Grand Master Peng You Lian will directly supervise your progress and also we have certified instructors to help you progress in your studies and solve all your doubts.

G.M. Peng You and our instructors can support you via videoconference / skype / hangout, so they can watch you practice and make you notice the necessary corrections so that your practice is perfected. When you acquire an online course you will be assigned a qualified tutor.

You can choose the necessary time and schedules from the availability of the instructors.

Additional appointments by videoconference cost $ 50 per session of 45 minutes. Our online courses already include one video conferencing with your assigned tutor.
Authorized Online Tutors:

All our online tutors have been personally trained by Grand Master Peng You in our institution. All online programs include one session in videoconference according to each program, additional sessions have a separate cost. The tutor is assigned at the time of entering your course according to availability and agenda, occasionally you will also receive an evaluation survey of the care provided by your tutor.



Certified Tutors: 

For more information about individual teachers, click on their names.

Marg Bilbrough

Adele Crowley

Marguerite Maki

Brian Nieminen

Doug and Mary Lou Rabb

Oliver Reimer

Duncan MacKay
Terrace Bay & Schreiber

Jean Wong

Sandy MacKenzie
Bente Sorensen

Tat Lui
Toronto, ON

Roberta Adderley

Frank Iorianni

Johanne Thiffault
Marathon, ON

 Bill Climie

Olivia Breton