Tai Chi Forms and Demonstratios

A quick guide into the must popular Tai Chi Chuan excercises in the world, and easy and quick to learn Tai Chi Qi Gong exercise with great benefits.

Tai Chi Forms and Demonstrations

The Whole Body Tai Chi Qi Gong series is a full instructional developed by grand master Peng You Lian during his research times in Beijing University and the Confederation College in Canada. Now for the first time available online you can get totally free the first 3 exercises sequence.

About G.M. Peng You Lian 

G.M. Peng You Lian graduated with honors from Beijing Normal University where he spent his time researching which are the best Tai Chi and Qi Gong excersises in all styles to benefit health and fight common diseases. His work took him to met all grand masters from every family style and in 2006 made possible to bring them all toguether to the American Continent for the first time ever in Confederation College Canada.

G.M. Peng You’s work its now been applied in Hospitals and Universities for rehabilitation in Canada, US and Mexico.




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For years I thought I would have to travel to China expending thousands of dollars to learn from a true master, now this wonderful online courses have brought China to my living room

Javier Chi

Grand Master Peng You Teachings have been and incredible tool for helping my body recover after multiple sclerosis episodes occurred, now after 2 years practice I feel like I have never been sick at all.

Karen Urquiza

The teachings of Grand Master Peng have not only improved my health, but also changed my life, now I am dedicated full time to the practice and have started my own practice group with my family and friends.

Eilyf Zermeno